With single “Jammin’ Tonight”, Candy Dulfer announces new album “We Never Stop”

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The worldwide fans of saxophonist Candy Dulfer can be more than satisfied with fresh activities of lady who very well knows how to play funk, jazz and pop on her  specific way.



On 28th of October 2022. her new album “We Never Stop” will be released for “The Funk Garage/Mascot Label Group”. Lyric video for the song “Jammin’ Tonight” is here to help in promotion activities of actual forthcoming album.
“This is a personal album—I struggle with the fact that so many people in this world are hurting on so many levels,” Candy shares. “The main spirit of this music is to elevate. It feels like it’s never been more important to take a stand and not let the hurt and the pain defeat us. That’s why I called this album, ‘We Never Stop.”





Tracklist1. YeahYeahYeah2. Mo’ Seats At The Table3. Jammin’ Tonight (ft. Nile Rodgers)4. Deeper5. Say Something6. Raindrops7. We Never Stop8. The Walls (ft. Marcus Miller)9. Perspective (ft. Durand Bernarr, Aron Hodek, Philip Lassiter)10. Since I Found U11. Afraid No More12. No Time For This13. The Climb14. Convergency (ft. Nile Rodgers)


Photo credit : Carin Verbruggen