M.Lockwood Porter releases new single” Cried Through The Night”, and announce new album ” Sisyphus Happy”!

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New information comes out from Mr. Kris Payne and “Black Mesa Records” these days. Their artist M. Lockwood Porter has recorded new single “Cried Through The Night”. Mentioned song  will help to promote the release of the new album “Sisyphus Happy”, scheduled for October 14.2022.



About the track, Porter says :

This song is specifically about a moment of clarity that I had after I broke up with my now-wife (before we eventually got back together) and abruptly moved back to Oklahoma from California. It was a very difficult and dramatic thing to do, and it’s almost like I knew that it was something that I had to do to learn some lessons. Taking that step broke something loose inside of me and eventually helped me see my priorities clearly. I realized that I had been living in a dream world for many years – valuing some imagined future life more than the real life I was actually living. Everything was very raw at the time. I started meditating and cobbling together some ramshackle version of spirituality that I explore in a lot of the songs on the album. It felt fitting to start the album with this song because that moment of clarity unleashed a lot of the feelings and ideas that I then attempted to examine and understand in writing these songs.




The following musicians have been participated in “Cried Through The Night” song :

M. Lockwood Porter – vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, Wurlitzer, organJohn Moreland – drums, bass, percussion, vocalsIan Taylor Sutton – pedal steel

Photo Credit : Kris Payne