DANGEROUS TRULY – “If Is Not The End, We’ll Be Forever Out Of Touch”?

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(Self-released) 2022.
R’n’B/pop – BRAZIL


Out of Sao Paulo comes Dangerous Truly, female singer with several releases in her catalogue. With pleasant voice and attractive physical personality, she also posses vocal qualities , and with her  songs she offers in many aspects psychology of the 90’s period.


Her materials in actual release, where we can find 6 tracks in, mainly belongs to  90’s  r/’n’/ b standards, with additional of pop details. Production is  also deeply in the “90’s”, so, we can clearly see, what  are, the interesting spheres of Brazilian singer. Part of the presented materials are half-ballads, others are mostly done in mid, rarely in mid-up tempo.




I would add, the practically same atmosphere dominate through all of the songs from the actual EP.