GENZO OKABE – “Dialect”

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(Challenge Records) 2019.
Jazz/contemporary jazz – JAPAN/NETHERLANDS

Saxophone player and composer Genzo Okabe, born in Japan, but in forthcoming period moves to Europe, is active on worldwide indie jazz scene for 10 years. With his Okabe family band, he has released 4 albums, last one entitled “Dialect”, during the previous 2019.

Mr. Okabe is classically and jazz trained, also educated performer/alto sax player, who always explore the different elements and spaces under the jazz genre as a form. His albums are different, judging by stylish dimensions.

Mentioned “Dialect”, he has released with his team of international musicians: pianist Miguel Rodriguez, bassist Steven Willem Zwanink, and drummer Francesco De Rubeis.
With 7  instrumental themes, all of them are Genzo’s author’s works, he and his colegues explore different moods, atmospheres, combining instrumental duels, searching for unique, but at the same time modern sound. Mr. Okabe is on the field of contemporary jazz, but unique atmosphere, as same as varies instrumental communications has created an interesting mixture of performing themes.

There’s no doubt that Genzo Okabe and Okabe Family are important, I would say still newer act on nowadays jazz world, so take a look on their work and albums.