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(Self -released) 2019.

Guitarist Karsten Aaholm isn’t a newer name on Danish jazz scene, but also is a performer, whose career has been treated from so call “second plan”. During the October of previous 2019 he has released with team of 5 following  musicians, plus some quests, an album with 8 tracks in, entitled “Deja Vu”

As he personally announced, music from the  album is his impressions from the various periods, started from 70’s era, where influences date from Beatles, blues, Americana, country, Bill Frisell legacy, as same as  from additional of other jazz variations.

Clear arrangements, distant and precise performing style done by himself as a guitarist, also has been presented in the performing process by all other musicians.
Six tracks from the album are guitarist’s authors works, except two others. With Dennis Ahlgren, Karsten is also a producer of album material.

“Deja Vu” as an album posses many elements of 70’s jazz standards, but that is only one aspect of possible picture of presented music. Many modern views Karsten and his band has offered in their approach, so one additional aspect of its music also exists, and those are an evident melodic traces, even if we know, that complete themes from the album are instrumentals.

“Deja Vu”could be recommendable album for the followers of  so call older fashionable jazz tendencies, more than for the fans of newer creations.