EVI VINE – “Black//Light//White//Dark”

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(Solemn Wave Records) 2019.
Darkwave/ambiental/post new wave/progressive – UK

One of the important names of worldwide music sky in last few years is London based singer-songstress Evi Vine. In the previous period she lived in USA and started to create her musical idea. With actual one, she has released  3 more than interesting albums, with unusual lyrical/musical signature and creative experience as well.

Evi is a singer with specific atmospheric voice. She writes textures, where she create music with other band members. Her words touches a dark aspects of human nature, and also here themes speaks about apocalyptic themes. “Black//Light//White//Dark” musically offers various genre elements, as a darkwave, ambiental, post new wave, progressive, post rock and many details in between as well.

Six songs and 6 stories characterize similar atmospheric beat, who needs listeners attention and also listeners experience too. Evi Wine is original author and her works are unique in many aspects.
“Black//Light//White//Dark” is probably a masterpiece in nowadays production, so check out and follow forthcoming works of Evi.