MICHAEL LANNING – “Modern Sounds In Love & Cynicism!”

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MICHAEL LANNING..MOdern Sounds..CDCover(Self – released / Hemifran ) 2016.
Retro swing/jazz/r’n’b  – USA

Michael Lanning is a songwriter, music publisher, actor, session vocalist, and he worked for national television and radio commercials for over a decade. Also, it is more than interesting, that his band Jiva, was the first American band signed to the George Harrison label “Dark Horse Records”, with George himself, serving as their executive producer.

Still actual EP with 5 tracks in, “Modern Sounds In Love & Cynicism!” finds Mr. Lanning in swing/r’n’b mood. All songs penned by Rick Bell and Michael himself, except for 2 tracks – “You Just Go Away” done by Michael completely and “Same Old Song And Dance” by Traci Lin Thomas.

Some retro 50’/60’s atmosphere is a dominant element of complete program. Melodic songs and fine arrangement and repeatable phrases defines complete presented material.

Michael Lanning..personal picture