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DOUBLE NAUGHT SPY CAR..Band picture actualDOUBLE NAUGHT SPY CAR sprang into existence in the 20th century to provide the soundtrack for the approaching meltdown of civilization. In sweat drenched shows harkening back to 50’s jazz clubs, the stinging Stratocaster of Marcus Watkins, the Telecaster and spooky steel of Paul Lacques, the nihilist/classicist bass of Marc Doten, and the all knowing unyielding drums of Joe Berardi beguile, bewilder, bait, and beatify their audience–no pesky vocals, just twang and throb.   Instrumentals like “Journey To The Center Of Guitar Center,” “Western Violence (With Some Sensuality),” and “Arrangement With A Dung Beetle” have been described as surf noir, jazz on acid, spaghetti middle eastern, and “difficult.”

doublenaughtspycar..CDCoverDOUBLE NAUGHT SPY CAR members are in demand session players as well as pioneers of new sounds associated with L.A.’s Silverlake and Echo Park scenes.  The band and members have scored several feature films, a History Channel documentary, numerous plays, placed songs in dozens of films and TV shows, and recorded/toured with Bo Diddley, Nina Hagen, Johnny Halliday, The Fibonaccis, The Bonedaddys, Stan Ridgway, I See Hawks In L.A., and countless other artists.

DOUBLE NAUGHT SPY CAR..Logo First OneIn October 2012 DOUBLE NAUGHT SPY CAR released its third CD, Western Violence, and in 2015 will release a collaboration with Tony Award winning singer/songwriter Stew.