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No ReturnThrash – death band formed in 1988., coming back in 2011. with their actuelle opus.After playing at the legendary “Brutal Tour” with Loudblast, Massacra and Crusher, performing on stage at the Summer Breeze, Hole In The Sky, supporting prestigious bands like Arch Enemy, Samael, Napalm Death, Sepultura, Coroner, Motorhead, and many more.

The quintet entered SAINTE MARTHE studio in June 2011 with Francis Caste ( Hangman’s Chair, AQME…) to record the follow up to their advantures.

The band is now preparing their new stage performances to defend visually and musically their new offspring “Inner Madness”.

Line- up: David Barbosa – bass, Boban Tomić – drums, Nicolas Coudert – guitars, Alain Clement – guitars, L. Chuck D. – vocals.