PACO EL LOBO& SANGITANANDA – “Memoria De Los Cantes Flamencos – Vol.1”

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(Buda Musique/Socadisc/VeevCom) 2024.
Flamenco/world music – FRANCE

There is no doubt that an interesting edition is ahead of us, which confronts the tradition of flamenco music and, thanks to the actors, ventures into the territory of research and examination of the historical heritage of the mentioned form.



This is the first of the announced 4 editions, edited for us by two French artists – Paco El Lobo and Sangitananda, where we meet 12 compositions, which with historical distance acquire a different, more challenging and constructive look. A lot of emotion, passion, and often unexpected rhythm passages were introduced into the compositions themselves, where the way of vocalization and the creative reaction of the actors show how seriously they worked on the realization of the presented material. The dialogues between the vocal parts and the instrumental passages, also show the tendencies of expressive upgrading and arrangement additions, for which the other musicians who participated in the recording of the release, also take credit. In any case, this is an album to listen and analyze, where I almost forgot to mention, which is that the energy of  the musicians also comes  to a significant expression.
There are really many reasons to eagerly await the second installment of the “narrative” saga, which will be prepared by Paco El Lobo and Sangitananda.