WOLFEN RELOADED – “The Ghost From Within”

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(Fastball Music/Bob-Media) 2024.
Hard rock/progressive rock – GERMANY

Wolfen Reloaded is one of those groups whose members have a lot of previous experience. They have started in the mid of the 80’s, but their career was interrupted, so far the band was in “hibernation””, only to be reactivated again in 2009. In 2018, they have released  album “Changing Time”, and “The Ghost From Within” is their actual offering. The worldwide premier will be in the middle of May 2024.



The German quartet presents itself with 10 new author’s songs. The sophisticated arrangements creations, and the evident passion and emotions offered, show that a lot of energy was invested in order to present the material to the audience in the most possible convincing way. So,we have here one spontaneous combination of hard rock, mostly influenced by stylistic variants from the 80’s period, with the addition of “hidden” progressive rock elements. And, even that band members mentioned progressive traces  as a relevant elements in recorded songs, progressive as a style is in the absolutely second plan.



I would also add, that production work mostly supports a retro vision and the aforementioned 80’s period, rather than keeping up with the current times.
“The Ghost From Within”, is also one of those releases that deserves multiple listens and gradually “opens up” to the potential listener.