BATSUKH DORJ – “Ogbelerim-Music For My Ancestors”

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(Buda Musique/Socadisc/VeevCom) 2023.
World music – MONGOLIA

Despite frequent and constant changes and interesting events within the world music area, we don’t often have the opportunity to meet artists who came from Mongolia, and in their own way spread the national culture,or the culture of certain territories/regions of the mentioned country. One such artist is Batsukh Dorj, whose name is by no means unknown, and who in his own way explores and revitalizes traditional Tuvan music, giving it a new shape and a more changed face.



With the current album, he has released 2 albums and one documentary work so far. This artist perfectly masters the different throat singing styles typical of the Tuvans : khoomei (contracted throat singing), sygyt (whistledthroat singing), kargyraa (deep throat singing), ezenggileer (lit. “stirrups) and borbangnadyr (lit. rolling). In the realization of the album, he had great help from Johanni Curtet, who, in addition to the vocal parts, also played the role of multi-instrumentalist.
So, the potential listener can here some folklore -inspired variant of the so-called Altai blues, through which elements of the past and present collide and where an unusual expressive atmosphere dominates the complete material. And such an approach can be heard on all of 12 tracks present here. In an unusual and non-standard way, the author’s mystical harmony, as well as the performer’s technical certainty, clash here, which is much close to the intuitive approaches of musicians than to the standard notion of playing superiority/persuasiveness.
“Ogbelerim- Music For My Ancestors”, is an analytically challenging edition, which introduces us to the spiritual/artistic world of Batsukh Dorj.