KOSASA – ” Fe leve lo mort”

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(Chante et tais-toi/InouieDistribution/VeevCom) 2023.
Various genres – FRANCE

Kosasa (Exploring The World Through Music) is another project by artist Suissa, whose rich career abounds in different ways of treating his musical interests.
His discography, which has been going on since 2005, is also filled with numerous different releases, which brought a variety of musical and authorial relazations.


“Fe leve lo mort” is a new album, available from October 6, 2023, as a CD, LP and digital. In a way, it is also an experimental project/album, which includes different genre solutions, and more broadly, numerous stylistic influences. This musical exploration involved the Maloya world and artists from metropolian France and the Reunion Island, including authors, performers and composers. Songs from the album, but also the concept and project in general, include a combination of music that contains constant elements of unusual atmosphere, Afro rhythms, sweet female voices, verbal dialogues, spoken word elements, and all of this together makes an innovative and cinematic musically documented story. It is certainly about music and an album that simply has to be listened to several times, and get into its essence. A difficult task for a potential listening consumer, and of course even more difficult for the actors and authors of this story. “Fe leve lo mort”, represents a long and inspiring creative journey, which unites genre and expressive elements, that are often hard to combine.