BIXIGA 70 – “Vapor”

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(Glitterbeat) 2023.
Afro beat/World music – BRAZIL

The band from Sao Paulo is a highly respected team in the world of world music trends, and a group whose “live” performances are eagerly awaited. And many analysts as well as people with a critical attitude claim that group has so far failed to adequately “copy” the atmosphere from their concerts through the studio format on their albums.


“Vapor” is their 5th album, which, as expected, brings strong playing energy, frequent tempo changes, as well as constant instrumental dialogues. Afro beat rhythms, the legacy of Brazilian and various Latin schools from the 60’s and 70’s, are strongly imprinted in the group sound, which is similarly present on the complete material, all of 7 instrumental themes. Bixiga 70 think musically in an original way, despite the fact that the influences of earlier periods are visibly present on their releases, including on this album.


“Vapor” may not be the best release from their discography so far, but it is certainly an album that once again confirms that the team from Sao Paulo thinks and “reacts” in a modern way.