SOUKOU – “Bloodline”

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(Self-released/Bite It Promotion) 2023.
EP CD/digital
R&B/neo-soul/electro – pop – GERMANY

Ena Soukou is singer/songwriter from Berlin, whose presence in the international scene is a little longer than 20 years. She started with gospel and hip-hop, over the years increasingly “communicating” with other genre forms. She presented her ideas and creations in clubs, and over the years she also collaborated with a large group of musicians/bands.



Over the time, she built her own style, and the experience gained, is also visible in the way she treats her general authorial creativity. Her latest solo release is the EP “Bloodline”, which contains 5 songs, the following names : “Bloodline”, “Family”, “Pick Me Up”, “Nickname”, “West”. As the artist use to says, “Bloodline” is a very personal and intimate publication, where honesty is the leading conceptual  and expressive element. The musical/performer/vocal approach presents a combination of r’n’b, neo-soul and electro-pop segments, with strong influences taken from the 80’s and 90’s period. Her warm and melodious vocals significantly contribute to the enhanced audibility and acceptability of the songs.
“Bloodline” is one of those releases that are suitable for fans of both newer and older trends, present in the r’n’b world.