CROSBY TYLER – “Don’t Call The Law On Me!”

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(Self-released/Hemifran) 2022.
Americana/country/country rock/roots music – USA

Crosby Tyler is a person with career of over 30 years, and for sure musician/vocalist/guitarist , who knows country and its sub-genre forms. He named many known names as a persons whose music influenced his expression and approach, and there’s no doubt that his experience is huge.



Till now he has released a few albums, actual “Don’t Call The Law On Me!, he has recorded with several colleagues and good instrumentalists. His country/country rock carries with it a lot of the influence of so call old school. Up-tempo beats, some stomps elements, presence of fiddle and pedal steel, energetic in the way of vocalizing, these are all details that Mr.Tyler and his collaborators deliver on album. Sometimes you also get the impression that the main character of this story wanted to show everything he knows, well through the prepared material, and the fact is, that a little more I would say  “relaxation”  and spontaneity is missing. But for supporters of country/country rock of the older school, and roots music/Americana followers in general, there are quite a few vocal/performance challenges on the album itself, that they make like.



It seems that Mr.Tyler is satisfied with what he offered and presented on the current album, and this country/country rock way of thinking and performing, always has a sufficient number of supporters.