THE MARSHALS – “Le Ptit Cham Session”

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(Flower Coast/The Marshals) 2023.
Blues rock/blues/rock/roots music – FRANCE


These days I have received a new album from French band The Marshals, and since that if I knew enough things about their career and previous albums, the music from actual release, wasn’t something new or unknown to me. And, this is another expecting but in some time album, where the band members  showed growing experience and constant dedication to the music they stand behind.


French trio introduces itself with 9 new tracks, where communications with group members function in the best possible way. The Marshals are on the right side of blues/blues rock variants,with some addition of roots music in general, where all the songs were done as a sort of session, or better to say with mutual musical communication. The group took a lot of details of so call “USA bluesy approach” and at the same time psychology. But to be honest, their songs confirm the knowledge of the expression they “distribute”, and they do it as much as possible in their own way.



The songs were played very “naturally”, but at the same time energetically and concisely enough, and it’s clear that the members from band knew exactly what they wanted from beginning. Under the blues/blues rock approach, the group showed that their possibilities are not small, and that they are continuing their career in the right direction, with a clean performing attitude.