OLD MINE UNIVERSE – “This Vast Array”

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(Witch City Music) 2o23.
Hard rock/stoner/acid rock/ desert rock/progressive rock – CANADA

Old Mine Universe is  the newer name to me on underground rock heaven. They are based in Canada, and in its line-up are also members from Latin America. They are also constantly between Canada and South America, but what is most important for all of us who are deeply in the  world of rock culture, is the band’s music.


“This Vast Array”, their debut with 10 tracks in, could be a sort of conceptual release. The group’s interesting sphere touches dark skies, harsh landscapes, and the outer darkness. With the insightful lyrical approach, this act represent to us their own universe, dominated by different musical colors. All of the songs were seriously done and created, with strong arrangements works and intelligent creative solutions. Through their songs, elements  of hard rock/stoner/acid rock, psychedelic tendencies are constantly changing. But personally, I would not leave out the evident presence of progressive rock and the progressive concept in general.



The musicians from group are well-trained instrumentalist, but I must admit that their creativity primarily “emerges” from author’s ideas, that are colorful, vivid and interesting. “This Vast Array” as a album, is composed of music for listening pleasure, but also for an analytical approach.
There’s no doubt that we have  a great discography debut of a band, that has revealed its evident potential and qualities.