WIFA – “Louken”

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(Karam Prod/InQuie Distribution/VeevCom) 2023.
Various genres – TUNISIA/FRANCE


Tunisian /French artist Wifa will announce her new album on digital platforms in April 28, 2023, CD will be out in June 2, and vinyl in June 30.2023. Actual work and album material will be presented live on stage on Wednesday May 31,2023 at “Studio de L’Ermitrage” (Paris).



Wifa is talented and unusual artist, judging by classic standardization. She grew up on European pop rock music as well as Arabic classical and popular culture, and is musically educated author. She is also excellent arranger , emotive singer, and here intimate songs, require listening commitment, special attention, as well as the desire for an analytical approach. With the team of well-educated musicians, she has recorded an album with 9 tracks in, full of traces of different states of mind, different moods, where the instrumental accompaniment simply drowns in her vocal confessions.




The modern electronic instrumental accompaniment skilfully fits into a very special Arab-esque pastiche, which in the end causes a special effect and impression on the potential listener. This is also an album which deserves more frequent listening,  and a more intimate atmosphere. The technical details, as well as the production, are professionally done and installed.