FAIRY TALE – “That Is The Question”

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(Hev Het Tune) 2021.
Art rock/progressive – SLOVAKIA

Slovakian group Fairy Tale is one of the acts, whose editions I had the opportunity to meet in earlier years, and also write about them. Some days ago, the leader of the group, guitarist/composer Peter Kravec, sent me  few of his latest works/projects, and I’m really in good mood, to be in contact with him and his team again.



After period of so call hibernation, Slovakian group has released in last months of 2021. album with 10 tracks in, entitled ” That Is The Question”. They have prepared it for a long time. It is also important to say, that material from album was mastered by legendary British sound engineer Simon Hayworth ( Mike Oldfield, Marillion, King Crimson..to name a few… ). In group are also Barbora Koláriková – vocal, bass guitar, and Lubomir Pavelka – drums.



I have to say that first and foremost, “That Is The Question” is modern album, looking/observing  from the art/progressive music aspect. Creative arrangements, often rhythm changes, melodic lines, and good, but at the same time complex communication between group members, and instrumental phrases. The songs from the album posses expecting progressive expressiveness, but it is also evident, that members from band enjoyed mutual communication, while working on the songs. Recording material deserve repeatable listening attention, especially of those listeners who lean towards the mentioned musical tendencies.