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(Metal Scrap Records) 2022.
Groove/death metal – POLAND

Out of Czestochowa, Poland, comes Chaos Engine Research band, whose career started in 2007 year. During the period of existence Polish fellows suffered from some personal changes, but with recognizable activity, and with two recorded albums behind them. First one the group has released in 2014, entitled “The Legend”, and actual one “Faces” in 2022.



Without a doubt Polish group have offered own vision of death/groove metal, with equal influences taken by  the older and newer school. Clear, but powerful vocal exposure, string musicianship behind, unpolished guitar riffing and with different views of arrangement conception from song to song, that’s the picture which band reflects on actual album.



I would specially emphasized their arrangements creations, which shows many elements of originality and stylish creativity. “Chaos Of Engine “Research “,  is also sort of conceptual album, with non-classical narrative approach. The potentials of author’s creativity, which band reflects all the time, announce also their future expressive possibilities.