LOES van SCHAIJK – “All I Ever Seem To Say”

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(Self-released) 2021.
Acoustic/Americana/folk/roots music – NETHERLANDS / CZECH REPUBLIC


Loes van Schaijk is a singer/songwriter from Netherland, but reside in Czech Republic. She performs solo, and also as a duo with Honsa Bartošek and with her trio Loes & The Acoustic Engineers. She is multi-talented author, her songs are pretty authentic,as same as her vocal capabilities.



In previous 2021. year she has released an album with 16 tracks in, entitled “All I Ever Seem To Say”. With minimal instrumental followings, she has introduced herself as author whose different spheres of interest are reproduced through intimate and personal textual stories. Her songs are also different from each other, although from a distance you can feel the hidden influences of Melanie, Carole King or Paul Simon as well. With her particular style, she is faithful to the Americana/folk/roots music approach, but I would add,  in some typically her extended /progressive way.




The melodiousness in the songs is expressed, as well as the special energy, visible in the very way of interpretation. She is the winner of Porta 2021. and Interporta 2022. in the Czech Republic, and she won a 2nd place at “Sofia, Singer Songwriter Fest” in Bulgaria.
So, don’t hesitate to check out her work!