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(Another Record/Capsul Records/L’Autre Distribution/VeevCom) 2022.
African music/ world music – FRANCE

As a band Electric Vocuhila has been on the national and international scene for more than a decade.Their discography is also interesting, and there is no doubt, that they drew the public’s attention to their work with their expressive approach.



Actual release “Kiteky”  will be worldwide available on October 21st, 2022. This new work will be also presented live on stage on November 8th, 2022 at “Le Studio de L’Ermitrage” in Paris.
The band works as a quartet, and on the current release they presented themselves with 11 instrumental tracks. Their music is vivid and colorful, where the rhythm simply grinds from the beginning to the end of the track. Such sound, makes the potential listener in the mood for dancing and constantly “alive” all the time. It’s interesting that among the musicians of the group there is no classical playing dialogue, but their rich and full sound, constantly pulsating from each individual instrument.



I would also add that the actors of the band and the album itself are very good connoisseurs of musical tradition and musical approach, which they accept and distribute to the audience in their own way.
“Kiteky” contains uniform material, which sounds like it was recorded in one breath, directly without additional recordings.
Electric Vocuhila are convincing, and on the other hand quite different from numerous bands that also rely on Afro/world music heritage.