CZYSZY – “UwU Slaughter”

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(Self-released) 2022.
Progressive/symphonic progressive – POLAND

Out of Walbrzych, Poland, comes Czyszy, artist/one man band, who stand behind his complete actual project/album, entitled “UwU Slaughter”.



He was response for all the things, which potential listener can be heard on this release, where we can find 3 tracks in : “Cosmic Campfire Story”, “Wavery Slide”, and 26 minute saga “Roller Coaster No.5”.



Czyszy is a singer and performer of all instruments, author, whose interesting spheres touches elements of  mostly symphonic prog. with many additional traces  of vintage styles . So the fans of 70’s and 80’s prog. could be find many interesting parts and details in author’s final message. I will add that key weapon of Polish musician and author is his general knowledge about this sort of music, and his clever and wise arrangements work.