KHATANO – “V Okovech”

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(Self-released) 2021.
Death metal/hardcore – CZECH REPUBLIC

Out of Ostrava comes a quartet called Khatano, with nearly 9 year long career. During the period of existence, they have been in position to change line-up, but the group  created recognizable sound, attitude and style.In 2017 year, they have also released a split CD with Kundorez, entitled “Czech Madness”.



Actual album “V Okovech” , with 9 tracks in, a group has recorded as a team with relevant previous experience and expecting style and views. They combine death metal idioms with hardcore, and sometimes death metal phrases band has putted in first line, and in the other hand hardcore psychology and presentation has taken a main role in song structure, and general songs arrangements. Screaming  vocalizations follows a constant strong but one-way riffing, and that picture we have received from Czech fellows in practically complete presented materials. We can also say, that Khatano as a group  are faithful to older,  or old school variants of hardcore and death metal,  nearer to 90’s period.
Khatano posses a clear attitude and message, their “dirty” sound dominate through complete album materials, so if you a follower of older death/hardcore movies,  Khatano are band for your taste.