American JET SET announce ‘Cats Got Your Tongue’ album!

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Fresh news are coming from “Rock’N’Growl” agency :

AMERICAN JETSET have announced the release of their third album “Cat’s Got Your Tongue” on May 7th, 2022 via Big Curve Music. AMERICAN JETSET to appear for record release celebration and fan meet & greets at M3 Rock Festival in Columbia, MD.





Produced and Engineered by Tony Correlli. Mastered by Tony Correlli and Ian Kaine MacGregor. Recorded at Deep End Studio (Baltimore, MD). All songs written by American Jetset except “Tokyo Radio” (American Jetset and Ravi Rao) and Everafter (American Jetset and Tony Correlli). Creative Direction by Ian Kaine MacGregor. Sound Design by Ian Kaine MacGregor and Tony Correlli.

Ian Kaine MacGregor (Lead Vox/Gtr) says “This record is an absolute killer. We finally get to showcase influences that just weren’t possible before – Ratt, Dokken, and White Lion, to name a few. This record is everything this band was meant to be.

Sunset Strip–era rock & roll never died and it’s finally making a comeback. When streaming hits like Peacemaker (HBO Max) and Punisher (Disney Plus) feature music from LA GunsPretty Boy Floyd, and Vain, it’s proof that 80s hard rock is primed for a resurgence. Enter AMERICAN JETSET.

The Jetset boys are direct descendants of those sleeping giants, and their anthemic hooks and animated live show have earned the band international airplay and a worldwide fanbase.

“Cat’s Got Your Tongue” is now available on digital, CD, cassette, and LP from Big Curve Music.










Track List:

1. 3AM Charm City2. Bombs Away3. Cat’s Got Your Tongue4. Tokyo Radio5. Falling Stars6. Save Somebody Else7. Unwanted8. Everafter



Ian Kaine MacGregor : (Vox, Gtr)Skinz Skinsacos : (Lead Gtr)Kevin Harrington :(Bass)Jeff Bradford : (Drums)