DANNY KAMINS – “Disruptor”

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(Noise Pelican) 2021.
Jazz/avant-garde – USA


Mr. Danny Kamins is Houston, Texas based saxophonist, musician, composer, who is active on national and international jazz scene. He is a person active on realization of the albums as a solo artist, and also together with other groups/musicians.




“Disruptor” is his actual solo release with 6 instrumental tracks in, where Mr. Kamins plays : saxophone, baritone saxophone and bass clarinet. Presented themes has been recorded in May 2020 and March 2021 year. Mastered by Paul Connolly at “Brightbluebeetle” studios and Tobin Armstrong. Artwork has been done by Jerome Bryerton. Design has been done by Aaron Bielish Creative Studios.





Mr. Kamins is an improvising saxophonist, and his works are based on experimentation in many aspects. In one side, his method of performing is close to avant-garde jazz, near to Nordic school, on the other side, many neo-classical elements can be seen on presented themes. But, during his performing works, he is at the same time musician who creates the themes, improvises through many stylish options and finds his own original  story. In these days, really is too hard to find something new and original, but Mr. Kamins performs all the things, giving his own visions and views. “Disruptor” is release for serious music researches, and serious listeners who does not have small music experience and knowledge.