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(Self-released) 2021.
EP digital
Darkwave/coldwave/dreamwave/electronic – UKRAINE/GERMANY

Trip Inside Me are Berlin based electronic act, but founded by 2 members born and raised in Ukraine – Iana Ielysheva and Nick Odintsov. Moved to Berlin, they have found a new inspiration for creating music.



“Naked” is second release, EP with 5 tracks in, whose worldwide release will be on 6th of December , this 2021.
“Naked” is release, where few electronic forms creates unique atmosphere and mood, as a : darkwave, coldwave, dreamwave, and also a psychedelic as well.For the track “Eternal Maze” a band has created a video. Through presented material, a group has faced  with an existential crisis and overcame it, having found a new meaning in life. Their music is inspiring , and different arrangements creations can be find through songs from EP.

Recorded by Trip Inside Me at home studio.
Mixed by Iana Ielysheva & Elias Deepman
Mastered by Elias Deepman at Panal Records, Chile

Written & produced by Trip Inside Me.
Cover artwork by Iana Ielysheva.






Written & produced by Trip Inside Me
Cover artwork by Iana Ielysheva