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(Self -released/Hemifran) 2021.
Rock/Americana/roots music – USA


Steven Graves is a very respectable name under the roots music/Americana sky, during the last decade. He has released his first album in 2010 year. During the June of this 2021. actual album, entitled “All Alone” seen a light of day. This is his 9th release, with 13 tracks in.




Mr. Graves speaks about life in these challenging times in natural way, mainly reminding us on well-known authors/groups from previous decades, and specially on 70’s period of previous century.






He has delivered narrative songs, full of clear pictures and emotions, with strong  back up musicianship. Vocally and instrumentally, complete presented materials satisfies, as same as production and other technical tendencies. We can not hear, here and there any specific repeatable melody, or song with more radio friendly potentials, but complete material posses an unique quality, similar psychology, and some pastiche reminding us of better past period.
“All Alone” is an album full of passion and good music. Check it out!