Kazemde George..new promising name on worldwide jazz market!

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Kazemde George is a jazz saxophonist, composer, and beat-maker based in Brooklyn, who exhibits a gift for streamlinedemotionally direct melodies, articulated with a warm tone and a certain guiding restraint. His debut album of original music is out on October 22 on “Greenleaf Music”. 



The name of album is  “I Insist”, and song “Things Line Up” promote forthcoming release.
I Insist features his original music for quintet with a group of emerging artists that includes : vocalist Sami Stevens, keyboard player Isaac Wilson, bassist Tyron Allen II, and drummer Adam Arruda.





Track Details

1. Things Line Up
2. Coasts
3. Balance
4. Skylight
5. Haiti
6. I Insist
7. Happy Birthday
8. Parkside
9. This Spring
10. Understanding

Total time: 67:46