BLACK SKY GIANT – “Falling Mothership”

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(Self-released) 2021.
Instrumental stoner/space rock – ARGENTINA

These days, I have reached to  one more than interesting Argentinian band, hailing from Rosario. They have putted  their 3 releases on “Bandcamp” page, and last one “Falling Mothership” is brand new and still fresh.




Argentinians have offered 8 instrumental tracks done in stoner/space rock mood, with touches of doom, and little hints of hard rock as well. Black Sky Giant knows how to connect influences from the past periods and nowadays standards, so we can hear many traces, pictures and trips from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s period too. “Falling Mothership ” as an album has sounded as a fresh and modern release, with nice arrangements works, clever ideas and certain musicianship.





All of 8 themes posses an equal qualities, without weaker places, and I wouldn’t mentioned any separate track as a leading one. Check out Argentinian band, and all of their presented discography, her on “Bandcamp”, I’m sure that you will never regret, especially, if you a follower of stoner/space rock tendencies.