CINA SAMUELSON – “Sing With Your Heart And Soul”

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(Cool Country Music/Hemifran) 2020.
Country – SWEDEN

Cina Samuelson is well-known Swedish country artist, and with actual album she celebrates a 20 years long career.




It seems that “Sing With Your Heart And Soul” is her most personal album to date, and I would add that we have here probably most listenable material, that the case was with her other, nothing less successful materials and releases. Some of the songs are dedicated to members of her family, and also one pretty intimate atmosphere is a dominate element in complete presented songs.




Cina and her themes, knows to remind on glory and older days of country music, and the period of 60’s and 70’s, but her tunes aren’t  so call retro songs. Simply she has recorded a material that is equally interesting for older country followers, and newer country fans as well. A modern production, well-done arrangements, with precise realization of all other technical elements, confirms that Cina did a good job.