THE WEIGHT – “In Control”

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(Heavy Rhythm & Roll Records/Cargo Records/Bite It Promotion) 2020.
Various rock genres – AUSTRIA

A few weeks ago, I have received a couple of CD’s from “Bite It Promotion”, and one of them was an album of the Austrian quartet – The Weight.




They are hailing from capitol, Vienna, started out 7 years ago, and “In Control”, actual product is their second full-length. They have introduced themselves with 10 tracks in, where all of them are done in different mood and with different atmosphere as well. But, The Weight are an interesting act, and first and foremost original band too. In its music we can find various variants of rock as a genre, from retro options to 80’s/90’s and nowadays stylish exposures. Very interesting and unusual in the same way, but always very dynamic, vibrant, and fresh too. From so call retro rock idioms, to alter, and same to progressive options, Austrians have offered all of mentioned elements, in its musical conception.




As an album, “In Control” deserves repeatable playing. The guys from Austria have showed enough interesting ideas, and there’s no doubt that even of mentioned stylish differences in its music, they already know, how to put the right thing to the right place.