JARED ROGERSON – “Branch Of The Tree”

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(Roughstock Records) 2019.
Country/country rock/Americana/folk – USA

Out of Pinedale Wyoming, comes a singer/songwriter Jared Rogerson. He is faithful to standards of country as a genre, more to traditional forms, but also his legacy touches elements of country rock, folk, and Americana tendencies as well.

His songs posses evident melodic phrases, clear arrangements, as same as certain and clear  performing.
Actual album from July of previous 2019 year, his fifth “Branch Of The Tree”, with 10 tracks in, confirms mentioned opinion. Most of the songs are penned by Jared himself, with one cover, and this is a track “Texas In 1880”, written by Radney Foster.

Nothing new Mr. Rogerson has offer here and there, but there’s no doubt that presented material is listenable and full of pleasant places, specially if you are a fan of mentioned genre’s variants.