CATAVENTOS – “EP Cataventos”

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(Self-released) 2020.
EP CD/digital
Medieval/folk/portuguese traditional music/world music – PORTUGAL

Out of Lisbon, Portugal comes an interesting trio named Cataventos. After three years of researching potential concept and exploring its musical wishes, one lady and two males have decided to face it with their author’s and performing works/creations.



Cataventos are : Inês Gonçalves (vocals, portuguese bagpipes, flute, square drum);
David Rodrigues (campaniça guitar, cavaquinho, square drum);
Bruno Cintra (percussions, flutes, back vocals).





“S/t” EP with 4 tracks in, a group sung in native tongue, and its views are really wide and non-classical.
What can we find here is an elegant mixture of various genres as a medieval, portuguese traditional music, world music including, and folk as well.






A method of vocalization of Ines Goncalves is a strong group’s weapon, as same as energy in her singing exposures.  Performing changes are constant in each song from EP, but musicality of members from the band, and its communication with presented  “atmosphere” is simply impressive. Really nice EP, and more than interesting product from Portuguese group.