CINA SAMUELSSON – “Sweet Mama, Elvis And Me”

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Cina Samuelson..Cover(Cool Country Music/Hemifran)2018.
CD single/digital
Country/country rock – SWEDEN

Cina Samuelsson is established Swedish country singer/songwriter for a years. A some weeks ago she has released a 2 songs CD single, with title track “Sweet Mama, Elvis And Me” and another tune “How Long Is Forever”.

Actual single she has recorded live in a studio in Mariestad, Sweden, and introduce her as a songwriter of so call old school country/country rock, honky-tonk style, with addition of brilliant back up band/musicians, whose interpretations deserve respect for sure.

Even of some presented retro tendencies in complete realization, Cina’s voice is fresh and modern enough.Both tunes also deserve repeatable listener attention, especially if you are a follower of older school country tendencies.

Cina Samuelsson..personal picture