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THE PEDALJETS..Band PictureStart Date:
Launched in 1984

Band Members:
Mike Allmayer
Rob Morrow
Matt Kesler
Cody Wyoming

Kansas City, MO

The Pedaljets return to record first album in 23 years and accidentally create a work of genius….

THE PEDAL JETS..Band Picture 3In June 2013, the story was tentatively about some wilfully obscure 80s underground act returning out of the black with brand new songs. Then the story changed. The Pedaljets have returned with a remarkable album, a real album, with variations on a theme—sometimes Heaven and Hell, other times Past and Present, then Love lost and Loneliness, all broken up, broken and back together again. It’s a kind of gunpowder—jagged punk occasionally shaded with delicate vocals, the variable sparseness of a dark, dank garage, and then the unexpected vicissitudes of guts, glory, and a romantic forgetfulness that’s been mixed up like saltpeter, charcoal, and sulfur. Basic chemistry.