KING AYISOBA – “Work Hard”

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(Glitterbeat Records) 2023.
Afrobeat/world music – GHANA

King Ayisoba is composer and  Kologo ( guitar ) performer . This is national Ghana instrument, and this Ghana artist is well-known as a free-style author, shamanic performer and experimenter. He is from the Upper East region of his country, bordering Burkina Faso.



He is frantic performer, also with social and political attitude. He is born in 1971, and first album he has released in 2006 year.
The music he has offered is full of rhythm, hypnotic phrases, intuitive moments, hard emotions, and strong playing. When you enter his musical world, you either accept him at the start, or you reject him, but not accepting his general message and approach, is still a rare case. I would add that in his own way he combines the new Afrobeat and world music tendencies, with the older Afro heritage. But, there is never a moment in doubt, about his modern view of the musical approach, which he skillfully distributes to the listener.
Proof of such opinion, are all nine compositions from his current release.