FUZZILIERS – “Would You Believe”

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(Self-released) 2023.
EP/ digital
Indie rock//pop/acid pop rock/60’s beat/psychedelic – RUSSIA

A few days ago, I was asked by the members of the band Fuzziliers to preview their EP, whose official international release is scheduled for November 29,2023. By the way, the band comes from Saint-Petersburg, but due to the political and war events in their surroundings, they moved  to Istanbul, from where their actual musical career begins.



The line-up consists of musicians with previous experience, gained by playing in various bands and participating in numerous projects, as well as realized concert performances. In  their EP, they presented themselves with 4 tracks with the following names :

1. Can’t See Me 03:23

2. Tea Song 03:39

3. Would You Believe 04:44

4. Irene 03:54

In terms of music and expression, the band generally offers a combination of sound that has its roots in the 60’s, and continues through the influences from the 80’s and 90’s, all of which is seasoned with a modern sound and very convincing vocal segments. In their approach, clearly expressed elements of Brit pop, early psychedelia, acid pop and rock can be found, where each of the 4 compositions has a distinctly listenable and melodic potential.
Fuzziliers have made a very promising EP, with  which they can be fully satisfied.