NEAL CARLSON – “Show Me Where To Go”

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( Self-released) 2023.
2 track single/digital
Acoustic/folk/rock/ pop/ retro pop rock  – USA

Out of Brooklyn, New York comes a singer/songwriter Neal Carlson. These days he has released 2 tracks, and presented to the general public : “Show Me Where To Go”, and so call “B side” – “Let Me Love You”. Song,”  Show Me Where to Go” appears on” Greenwood Vol. 1″, part of a trilogy celebrating 30 years of songwriting.



Both tracks are songs with an optimistic sensibility, which are sonically reminiscent of some older periods, mostly of the 60’s. Psychologically with enough memorabilia, acoustic approach and elements of folk, rock and pop, with pleasant vocals, Neal dominates the atmosphere from the first bar to the last. Highly recommended and very listenable.