OHM – “Of Hymns And Mountains”

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(Vlad Productions) 2023.
Various rock genres – FRANCE


Out Of Nantes, France comes a trio called OHM. The group started  career in 2018. and after two EP’s, they have released full-length album with 9 tracks in, entitled “Of Hymns And Mountains”. Mentioned release is available  as a CD and digital.



OHM are one of French groups who performs songs in English. Their music shows several faces of the actors themselves, who through the presented material showed how their spheres of interest touch different expressive variants. Also, the vocally emotional experience of the composition differs from song to song, although the expressive message itself is clear and evident. A considerable amount of originality is present in their way of thinking and musical approach. Stylistically, OHM combine 70’s rock/garage rock with noisy and acid/psychedelic elements, there are also hidden stoner intrusions, and all together it seems that the members of the line-up managed to find their own expressive message. There are also certain “expressed” reminiscences of the mentioned 70’s period, but much more in a psychological sense.


“Of Hymns And Mountains”, is a sufficiently complex album, which should be listened to several times, and whose “secrets” are set so, that they are not revealed to everyone on the first listen.