DENNIS J. LEISE – “Fightstarter”

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(Self-released) 2023.
Country/country pop/country rock/various genres – USA

Although at first glance he may not look like a musician who attaches great importance to his career, Dennis J. Leise is a singer/songwriter who has already released 4 albums. The current one, realized these days is called “Fightstarter”, and you can find 12 songs on it.



He was born in Western PA, but has lived and worked in Chicago area, for the last 20 years. His songs have a specific humor and “relationship” to “non-urban” and boring everyday life. In the musical sense, he mostly relies on the forms of classic country, through which country pop and country rock  segments pass.
It may be a bit unusual, but 3 compositions with a rockabilly undertone, leave a stronger impression. “Fightstarter” contains a colorful sound and professionally released arrangements, which contribute to the audibility of the complete material.