MOSI – “Noble Dans La Defaite”

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(Vlad Production/Terre Ferme Records) 2021.
Alter rock / post hardcore – FRANCE

Mosi is band, practically a duo of brothers from Rennes, France, active for some period on the national underground scene. From 2017. till now, with actual one, they have released a 3 items, 2 full-lengths and 1 EP.


“Noble Dans La Defaite” is still actual product, released as a CD, LP and digital, with 7 tracks in. First, important and an indispensable element when we talk about their musical message and legacy is originality. But, mentioned originality, as this tandem envisioned, is certainly not accessible to everyone’s listening experience. The sad/darker and often depressing atmosphere dominates the songs, which have an unusual arrangement approach. The texts contain a dose of pessimism, but also honesty, which is also colored by political views. Musically, the band’s field of interest covers a wide spectrum of genres, from the alter rock idiom, all the way to post hardcore tendencies. And they do it in a rather unique way.



“Noble Dans La Defaite”, is one of those releases, which is not easy to accept, but which contains quite a few “hidden” interesting musical parts, as well as text messages.