DISTURBING ESPO – “Disturbing Espo- Rock It”

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(Self-released) 2023.
Instrumental rock/pop rock — USA

Out of Jersey City, New Jersey, comes a songwriter,  bassist and guitarist, who call himself – Disturbing Espo. He is in the music world some period, but his career comes out from the so call second plan. He grew up listening to 60’s and 70’s music, but, judging to recording material from his actual release, present and arranged influences, come from some “other places”.


He has introduced himself with 10 instrumental tracks, done in different mood, and different atmosphere. I would also add, that tracks do not show any connection with each other. But, presented materials confirms that the author has put in a lot of effort, that in the end all the arranged elements look the way he previously imagined them. So we can find here mostly rock elements and rock traces, in some parts with a stronger approach and tighter musicianship, while in certain places, a more measured atmosphere with the addition of more pop influences is a dominant factor. So, check him out by going to his “Bandcamp” or youtube page.