PERL – “Les Maitres du Silence”

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(Terre Ferme Records) 2021.
Post hardcore/post metal/various genres – FRANCE

From Paris,France comes an extremely interesting group called Perl. They work as a trio, and they started their career in 2oo8. Together with the current one, they have released 3 albums so far.


An important role in the band is played by the singer/frontgirl and guitarist Aline, whose screamo vocals dominate the atmosphere of the songs performed by the band. And it is a very interesting and at the same time non-standard way of expressing creative ideas, that come out of the kitchen of the group. In their own way, this trio explores genre and stylistic idioms, which they reflect often in a destructive and dark way. It can be said that in their approach we see some new tendencies in playing /vocal emphasis, and the sound itself represents a combination of several genre elements. Post-hardcore and post-metal tendencies are present here and there, which are “seasoned” with noise “decorations”, as well as to a greater extent psychedelic, and to a lesser extent progressive influences. Frequent changes of mood, emotional states, as well as the atmosphere itself, are generally a characteristic of the prepared material.The most interesting thing is that when the band starts performing a certain song, during the audition until the very end, you will not be clear in which direction the scenario, which were thought up by the members of the band, will take place.



This is fairly authentic achievement, and an album by French band, which in its own way tries to present some of its own different ideas. To the average listening ear, they may be not so acceptable, but their views are directed towards clear future challenges.