RIVERHEAD – “Cancer”

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(Sounds Of Subterrania/ Bite It Promotion) 2023
Post hardcore/alter metal/alt.rock/crossover –  DENMARK

On April 28th. 2023. Copenhagen based band Riverhead releases its second offering, album with 10 tracks in, titled “Cancer”, done as a CD, LP and digital.
From it’s very beginning, Cancer as a group had a promising career, but after realization of an EP and album, they suffered from some personal and realistic problems, so the audience waited a little longer for their new achievement.




Riverhead are very intense and “alive”, melodic, and at the same time musically aggressive act, whose interesting and performing fields touches elements of : post hardcore, post/alter metal, alter rock, and I would add some punk rock/garage and noise traces, which are present in their general expression. Lyrical approach, on the other side describe illness and struggle that have marked the band these last years- a struggle which has resulted in a strong and honest record about survival.




The songs played are rich in frequent changes of mood, as well as emotional transformations, where the group members always give their maximum performance. Track called “0806” are slower one, and conceptually different than the others from album, but it is certainly worth listener’s attention, and can become a significant concert trump card.
If we look at the general performance approach, Riverhead have recorded a rather strong, but also modern album, with which they can be completely satisfied.