FATEN KANAAN – “Afterpoem”

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(Fire Records) 2023.
Experimental/Neo-classical/electronic – USA

Faten Kanaan is unusual artist on  modern music world. With actual one, she has released  5 albums, and attracted the attention of the public with an unusual author’s approach. Her actual release “Afterpoem”, is also one of those achivements that shows that there are no barriers for this artist, as far as conceptual breakthroughs are concerned.


So, Faten Kanaan is one of those creatives who says a lot with a few tones. Expressively, on this release as on the previous ones, the listener is faced with an unusual combination of  Neo-classical elements, threaded through electro pastiche. Constant sound research and typically her so call baroque approach, face the atmosphere of nature and landscape. Her additional understanding of the author’s views can be treated as a form of visual creativity. Each individual theme from the album reveals different views and images. I would also add, that the rare but occasional presence of melancholy, is here and there more to reveal the very research context of the sonic expanses.



“Afterpoem” is a release that is listened to in one breath, and revealed gradually. But from the beginning to the end of the album, when listening to all the arranged themes, you will have a satisfied expression on your face.