HILLSBOROUGH – “Comin’ Back For You”

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(Self-released/Hemifran) 2022.
Roots music/alt-country / country rock/country blues – AUSTRALIA

Hillsbourough are Australian duo consist of Phil Usher/songwriter and Beata Maglai, with the addition of Glen Russell (double bass) and Jonathan Pickvance (drums) for their live shows. They have started out its story in 2016, and after few singles and many gigs, during the previous year they have released an album, titled “Comin’ Back For You” with 10 tracks in.


Hillsborough have offered one frantic and so call stomping variant of alt-country and country rock,  there are also country blues traces among others, and many memorabilia influences taken from previous era. But, that mentioned old-fashioned addition gives the aroma and specific “flavor” to their songs. Phil’s hoarse vocals seem to initiate additional energy, which is imprinted in each song in a specific way. There are also some slower tunes, some more acoustically oriented, but a very positive atmosphere dominates the presented album material.



Hillsborough are certainly much more similar to bands from the 80’s of previous century, which does not bother you at all, when you listen to this team interpreting the songs from the album, and they are probably more convincing in the “live” versions.