GRAPES – “Some Kind Of Happiness”

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(Self-released) 2023.
Melodic pop/power pop – FRANCE


Grapes are French group, out of La Havre, and these days they have released actual album, titled “Some Kind Of Happiness”. French fellows have offered 10 pretty melodic  tunes, sung in English.


Their material is pretty listenable, and we can find many influences taken from the 80’s and 60’s period of previous century. Some of the songs posses Beatle-esque pastiche, other are close to psychology of the artists such as : Al Stewart, Guilbert O’ Sullivan, 10 CC, to name a few. Many associations comes to mind with the Beatles known double  “White Album”, but clear arrangements and certain musicianship are strong weapon of French band. More about them on their “Bandcamp” page.