MONUMENT – “Abyss”

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(Hummus Records/Bite It Promotion) 2023.
Various genres / SWITZERLAND

Out of Lausanne, Switzerland comes a band Monument, whose members posses vivid experience and respectable knowledge. Musicians from group comes from different places, but unite together , creating common musical ideas and specific stylish perception. “Abyss” is their second full-length, out these days on March 24th 2023.


Swiss fellows have offered, I would say some sort of organic music, where we can find in common presented opus  of more additional genres variations, as a : electronic tendencies, industrial, dark wave, alter rock, post new wave, progressive, and many things in-between. Their music is full of unexpected atmosphere, sometimes
complemented by “strange” vocal mood changes, as well as frequent tempo changes.



The songs are also different among them, but members from band very successfully create a thought-out concept from the first to the last beat. Monument are musically original team, and as a group show that they successfully deal with contemporary genre trends, and contemporary musical influences.